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convert wswmm fileHow to convert MSWMM to AVI/MP4/WMV/DVD/YouTube/iPod

This article will show you how to convert MSWMM file to AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPG, WMV video format, convert MSWMM file to YouTube FLV video, convert MSWMM file to iPod video and burn MSWMM to DVD disc.

It is composed of the following three parts:

Part 1. How to convert MSWMM to WMV in Windows Movie Maker?

convert mswmm file
A *.MSWMM is a project file of Windows Movie Maker; it is not a video file (more like a record file). You can open *.MSWMM file in Windows Movie Maker(click "File -> Open Project Project...") and save the movie to your computer: go to the "Tasks" bar, click "Finish Movie" and then click "Save to my computer".

Then Windows Movie Maker will ask you to enter a file name for your movie and choose a folder to save your movie. The movie will be saved as a WMV file in the PC.

Part 2. How to convert MSWMM to AVI/MP4/WMV/YouTube/iPod?

You may wonder how to upload your Windows Movie Maker project(.*MSWMM) to YouTube or watch the movie on your iPod. All you need to do is convert the MSWMM file to video format. After you have saved the MSWMM file to your computer hard drive(in the folder you chose in "Part 1") as WMV video, you can now begin to convert the WMV file to the specific video format you need.

The software you need is Aiprosoft Total Video Converter

The steps are quite simple:

1. Import the WMV file to the program.
2. Choose an output format. For example, if you want to watch the movie on iPod, you can choose "iPod MPEG-4" as the output format.
3. Start to convert.

Part 3. How to burn MSWMM to DVD?

If you want to burn the MSWMM to DVD, you will need DVD authoring software. Here, I'd recommend using Video to DVD Converter. It is easy to use.

P.S. A web video player tool:

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